Effect of Modern Life on Teeth and the Value of Visiting Your Dentist

Effect of Modern Life on Teeth and the Value of Visiting Your Dentist

Illinois is one of the states that have a well-performing economy. A list published by Business Insider mentions that Illinois houses 33 Fortune 500 company headquarters and had Q2 2014’s 9th highest average wage. With this, it tied with Georgia for the 15th place in the economy rankings of the said list—a spot well into the upper half. The economic growth extends to different locations in the state from suburbs like Hoffman Estates, IL to villages like Roselle, IL.
With this, the drive of modern lifestyle to its residents can be expected. As such comes a number of habits harmful to the teeth.

Busy Schedules
Some people neglect to include a regular visit to the dentist in their schedules, thinking that they only have to go to a dentist when they already have an aching tooth or noticeable cavities.



Big Fan of Fast Food?—Why You Should Consult Your Dentist Regularly

Big Fan of Fast Food—Why You Should Consult Your Dentist Regularly

Living in Schaumburg, IL is a pretty good idea as there are a lot of employment opportunities and great attractions in the city. One of the most popular spots is the Woodfield Mall—the 11th largest mall in the United States. It has a great selection of stores, thus providing a range of activities for the whole family.
People going to the mall almost always grab something to eat (a big lunch or a quick snack). Why look further, right? Woodfield Mall has a wide selection of restaurants, which include a good number of fast food and pastry shops. You know what that means? Carbs and sugar galore.

If you frequent malls and, in turn, fast food and sweets shops, you become vulnerable to certain negative health consequences. You’ve probably heard a lot about obesity, but you’ll also have to watch out for your teeth.


Roselle, IL Dentist Provide You with the Quality Dental Crown You Need

Teeth take a constant beating. Oral activities like chewing, grinding, clenching, biting hard foods, etc., can eventually take their toll on teeth. After years of use, teeth may begin to crack and break, especially if they have been weakened by cavities. When that happens, you’ll need to have dental restoration procedure done, more specifically, a dental crown.

What are dental crowns?
Dental crowns are oral prosthetic devices that are glued onto existing teeth or implants. They cap a damaged tooth entirely, and unlike dentures which you can take out, crowns are permanently affixed on the tooth and can only be removed by a dentist. Besides improving the appearance of a damaged tooth, a crown can be used to help it regain function.


Dentist in Schaumburg, IL: Qualifying for Dental Implant Procedure

The benefit of being given dental implants is, unfortunately, not for everybody. People who are generally healthy and have no problems with their gums and jawbone, however, are possible candidates. Before going into the details, let’s first review what a dental implant is.

Implants, in a Nutshell
Dental implants are basically new teeth that appear and feel like natural teeth. Technically, the implant does not replace the tooth, but rather the root of the tooth, since the natural one has completely decayed or gone missing. That artificial root is the primary connector between the jawbone and the abutment of the crown on top, which will be filled with a white enamel substance and will act as your new tooth.


An Able Dentist in Roselle, IL Can Fit Your Teeth with Dental Crowns

Despite the care and attention you give to your teeth through brushing and flossing, they are still subjected to wear every time you eat or drink. Your teeth could deteriorate in time due to the plaque in your mouth that feeds on the sugar left behind by your foodstuffs and beverages. With age, your teeth could slowly lose its white coloration, resulting in yellowish teeth. It can be tedious to keep your teeth as clean and white as possible, but there is a way to kill both metaphorical birds with one stone with dental crowns. Continue reading An Able Dentist in Roselle, IL Can Fit Your Teeth with Dental Crowns

An Orthodontist in Schaumberg, IL Can Correct and Improve Your Smile

Teeth are vital parts of your body in that they allow you to chew and consume food, as well as properly pronounce words and flash a smile. Proper brushing and flossing can preserve the cleanliness and health of teeth, but such habits can do little to fix malocclusions. Malocclusions, or improper bites, refer to jaws and teeth that improperly developed, resulting in crooked teeth. Such misaligned teeth can be unsightly to behold, and can make the individual feel embarrassed about having an awkward smile. Continue reading An Orthodontist in Schaumberg, IL Can Correct and Improve Your Smile